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GESI at ECSR Conference 2023

Stefano Cantalini and Nazareno Panichella presented a GESI research on geographical marginality and returns to education at the ECSR (European Consortium of Sociological Research) Conference on September 18th – 20th 2023, titled “European Societies in Times of Uncertainty“.

GESI meets Local communities

GESI researchers are presenting their scientific project to the local communities under study. We aim to involve people in the on-going process of elaboration and discussion of our empirical results. Let’s discover together new ways to reshape our understanding of ‘inner areas’, and give them value!

GESI’s impact on ‘inner areas’

The field research conducted by Gesi researchers throughout Italy is constantly attracting public attention. This newspaper article also suggests that our presence in the ‘inner areas’ is highly valued, as many residents see our interviews as an opportunity to be heard, and to boost the visibility of their living environment.

About us

The GESI (Geography and Social Inequality in Italy) project investigates how the geographical area of origin affects different aspects of individuals’ life courses (educational and occupational opportunities, social mobility pathways, family dynamics and internal geographical mobility) and reverberates on social inequalities in life outcomes in Italy.

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