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GESI researchers from both Milan and Catania units are now conducting field researches on the so called ‘inner areas‘ of several Italian regions. In particular, the interviews to key informants and individual inhabitants are being taken in Sicilia, Calabria, Puglia, Marche, Piemonte, and Lombardia. This short news published on the local press suggests that our […]


GESI hosted a section on inequality and regional socio-economic cleavages at the annual STOREP Conference. The event was chaired and organized by Francesca Tosi from the University of Bologna and featured contributions from the GESI researchers. Maurizio Avola and Giorgio Piccitto presented their research on occupational change and geographical inequality in Italy, highlighting the disparities […]

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The GESI (Geography and Social Inequality in Italy) project investigates how the geographical area of origin affects different aspects of individuals’ life courses (educational and occupational opportunities, social mobility pathways, family dynamics and internal geographical mobility) and reverberates on social inequalities in life outcomes in Italy.

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