GESI’s Upcoming Publications

GESI is generating fresh evidence regarding the geographic differentiation of social inequalities and life opportunities in Italy.

These are the articles currently being written and published:

  • Avola, M., Piccitto, G., Occupational change and geographical inequality in Italy: marginal and central areas compared.
  • Cantalini, S., Panichella, N., Geographical Marginality and Returns to Education. The Italian case.
  • Cantalini, S., Panichella, N., Geographical Marginality, Secondary School Supply and Inequalities of Educational Opportunities. The Italian case.
  • Dugar, G., Impicciatore, R., Tosi, F., Geographical origin and the transition to adulthood in Italy: Assessing the effect of central and marginal areas on home-leaving age patterns.
  • Molinari, R., Impicciatore, R., Panichella, N., Geographical Mobility and Occupational Achievement: Examining the Role of Italian Cities as ‘Escalator Regions’.
  • Montanari, M.G., Gaukel, H., Geographical mobility and education in Europe. A cross-country comparison over the 2nd half of the 20th century.
  • Panichella, N., Cantalini, The Impact of Geographical Mobility on Occupational Achievement. A Longitudinal, Quasi-Experimental Study of South-to-North Internal Migrants in Italy.
  • Panichella, N., Impicciatore, R., The Social Selectivity of Internal Movers. An Analysis of the Relationship between Education, Social Origin, and Geographical Mobility in Europe.
  • Pietrolucci, A., Triventi, M., Geographical cleavages in educational outcomes: Educational achievement and social inequalities in Inner and Central areas in Italy.
  • Tomatis, F., Do Birds of a Feather Always Flock Together? Examining Educational Homogamy and Social Origin in Urban and Rural Contexts in Europe.
  • Zhelenkova, A., Panichella, N., Impicciatore, R., Martin, J.D., Family Migration and Women’s Occupational Attainment over the Life Course. An Empirical Analysis of the Tied Migration Argument in Interregional Internal Migration in Europe.

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