WP3 - Family dynamics

WP3 within the GESI project investigates the interplay between geographical origin, geographical residence, and family dynamics. The primary objectives of WP3 include:

  • Examining the relationship between geographical origin and union formation. This analysis seeks to understand how individuals’ geographic backgrounds influence their decisions and patterns of entering into unions or partnerships.
  • Investigating the variations in fertility behaviors between marginal and central areas. This research delves into the differences in reproductive choices and outcomes, including the alignment between individuals’ intentions and the actual realization of their life course plans.
  • Exploring the family disruptions associated with internal geographical mobility. This inquiry focuses on understanding the impact of moving within geographical regions on family structures and dynamics.

WP3 aims to uncover the connections between geographical factors, residence patterns, and family dynamics. The research seeks to enhance our understanding of how geographic origin and residence influence union formation, fertility decisions, and the stability of family structures.