WP2 - Occupational and social mobility

WP2 within the GESI project focuses on understanding the association between geographical origin, place of residence, and occupational opportunities, as well as intra- and inter-generational social mobility.

The specific investigations of WP2 include:

  • the impact of geographical origin on employability, occupational attainment and social mobility, studying how the difference between marginal and central areas at labour market entry evolve over the individuals’ career;
  • the occupational returns to education in marginal and central areas, taking into consideration how these are related to the different patterns of changes in the occupational structure;
  • the role of local and trans-local social capital on occupational opportunities.

By delving into these inquiries, WP2 seeks to shed light on the connections between geography, residence, and occupational outcomes. Furthermore, the research aims to identify the significance of social capital in shaping occupational opportunities in various geographical contexts.